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A reliable guide is highly recommended to increases the chance of Travel Agency Iran Damavand Mountain success. The recommended climbing route is the south face. Not recommended for everyone. Mountain tour operator based in Tehran. Our local mountain experts, however, will use their best planning and execution abilities to make your Damavand trip fun as well as successful. Changes to best suit your plan. Best Guide to Hiking Up Mount Damavand in Iran - Guides & Tips. Trekking in summer is comparable to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Ascend to this peak in summer is technically moderate but physically a tough challenge. Sixth Day: Ascend to Damavand Peak. Day 4: Climb to Damavand Peak in 5-7 hours. Use the day light only. On this tour, we tried to climb Damavand Slopes by starting light hiking in Lar National Park to provide participants with good acclimatization for a successful climb to Damavand Peak. It's a good idea to leave your heavier/larger equipment. The most important mistakes are no or short acclimatization and consequently mountain sickness, climbing at night or in bad weather, insufficient equipment and information about the mountain, sleeping in crowded shelters and campsites, carring heavy equipment by yourself to the high camp. Among all the camps, the one belonging to Atour is nearest to mountain and the base camp that belongs to mountain federation of Iran is the furthest. Should you loved this informative article and you wish to receive more info about Damavand Trekking Tour assure visit the web site.

By taking memorial photos of reach the Damavand trek and happily, we return from the way back to the camp. It is possible to pave part of the way by transportation. It displays the best possible trail. Best starting time from c3 to the top is 5 to 6 AM. Trekking Damawand volcano is a life time memory. It can be said that the best and most attractive time to climb Damavand peak is from the middle of June to the end of July, because during these months there is a relative stability of the weather. Damawand is a popular trekking target mainly because of its great height which is referred to as the tallest volcano in Asia and officially listed as one of the volcanic seven summits and the highest point in The Middle East region. It is the highest peak in the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia and the second highest in northen hemisphere. The easiest route to reach the summit is hiking from the southern flank in summer which starts from Rineh village to Goosfandsara (Camp II) and Bargah-e-Sevom (CampIII) and then climbing to the peak. This popularity makes some Crowd problem for mountaineers not only during the peak of summer climbing season but also for ski touring in winter.

Mount Damavand by Mountain Bike - Adventure Iran But winter climbing is a quite different story. In winter during a storm or blizzard, the minimum temperature varies from -40° C at the midway of the summit to -60° C at the peak. Other people like Mount Damavand Climb, the highest peak when traveling to Iran, but others prefer less difficult hiking tours. Like Mount Damavand, Mount Alamkouh (4850 m second highest mountain of Iran), and Mount Sabalan (4811 m third highest mountain of Iran) you should pay the permit. Here you can read some comments and trip reports from mountain tourists who have visited Iran recently. So don't hesitate to contact us for designing your next adventure trip to Iran. Before actually starting your program to Damawand Mountain in Iran it is a good idea to have a virtual trip by Google Earth and get an impression about the campsites, the best route and the trails, shelters, safe havens and mountain resorts in the area. Before trying this mountain you should know the essential climbing information and Climbing Tips.

Essential Equipment for Climbing Mount Damavand - Iran ... Always have the essential equipments to protect you in case of bad weather condition. A good physical fitness is essential. It is a good idea to add an extra day to a package as a reserved day and make it more flexible for the second summit attempt in case of bad weather, more acclimation or being too tired to continue as planed. Climbing this 18,605 feet giant volcano is technically easy but physically a tough challenge and requires a good physical fitness. Damawand height is 5671m, 18,605 ft. Damawand Mountain is well-known for its mild slops. The travel riports in Guestbook will help you to make your decision for travel to Iran either for sightseeing, climbing or ski touring Damavand Mountain. You may also ski on grass in summer in Dizin Ski Resort. Damavand Volcano attracts a great number of Iranian climbers and foreign mountain tourists especially in summer season and on its popular side the classic south route. Alam Kuh or Alamkouh or Alamkooh (Alam means high and Kouh means Mountain) is the name of the second highest peak of Iran and the highest one in Takht-e-Soleiman area with a height of 4850 meters. Gaining 2630 meters height from base to the peak in just 2-4 days.

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The Glorious Damavand tour - Kalout Travel Agency The Lar National Park's best season is May 15th to June 15th in the spring and October 1st to November 15th. Of course, it is possible to organize Lar National Park & Damavand climbing tour from May to the end of October. Q- We are a mountaineering agency and would like to come to Mt Damavand at the end of March or beginning of April with 7 to 10 people. So it is possible to offer you an accurate or estimated prices when the exact number of people in your team is clear. As the number of people who take part in your team increases, the cost per person will decreases. When traveling to Iran for an adventure tour such as a Mt Damavand tour, remember the safety of your team and the quality of your tour are the main priorities, if some tour operators and organizers offer you very low costs for your trip, be aware that the quality of their services may be very low too.

landscape view surrounded with fogs Allow them to join a group of mountaineers from other countries to climb Mnt Damawand in a team work. Damavand Mountain is one of the most challenging mountains of Iran in the winter season and if the weather is bad, it's not going to be an easy climb. The Best Season for Damavand Trekking Tour and Weather Conditions? I am mount Damavand guide and tour organizer, Damavand Mount Trekking Tour I recommended to tourist before climbing Mount Damavand go to Tochal mount for good acclimatization. Nomadic and outdoor activity tours, Iran tour organizer, escorted travel tours. Hike to the Summit of Damavand Iran - Travel to iran - latest Iran tour package. If you adored this short article along with you wish to get details concerning Damavand Iran Tour Agency i implore you to visit our own web page. Outdoor activity tour organizer. Tehran adventure outdoor tourism activity. Iran Outdoor Activity foto. Low budget tour to demavand iran. Join one of our Mount Damavand trekking / ski tour. Dizin 3600m, ski resort, piste, off-piste, wild ski, Karaj Tehran. Gather unique cultural experience exploring Iranian capital - Tehran. Iranian mountain Guides and tour operator for hiking trekking and skitouring in Iran. Start hiking on the Khatun Bargeh trail (2 hours). Every day, travelers worldwide arrive at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport to start their vacations and business trips in Tehran.

Iran Damavand Trip Final Shortened - OutdoorUAE Multi-day backpacking trekking trips. They had very professional, knowledgable guides, their guides in the trekking part were very attentive and supportive and if it was not for them we could not ascend the beautiful mount damavand, we them we felt quite safe and in expert hands. Iran Exploration tour operator is ready to make your trip to Larry National Park unbelievable with high-quality services at any time of the year, by obtaining the necessary permissions and use of experienced mountain guides. The tour entails crossing rivers and canyons, unstable weather of Mount Damavand, long-day cycling, high altitudes and cold temperatures at the summit. The wind often blows from the west and northwest, so, the north face is the coldest route of Damavand, however, the cold weather dominates less in the southern route since it remains in shadow until noon and midday. The dominant wind on Damavand Mountains is usually from west to east. Getting acquainted with a piece of history and culture of East in the 7 days tour of Damavand Peak and Tehran Tour.

Nowruz, the Begining - Atour Blog - Atour Adventure Also, Damavand Peak is the highest volcano in Asia and one of the highest volcanoes in the world, it is also considered as the highest peak in Iran and the Middle East. Damavand is a dormant volcano with an iced-caped summit crater (400 m in diameter) that erupted for the last time 38,500 years ago, and it may happen again. The route to the summit continued along the western ridge and after 6 hours of climbing, you will reach Damavand Peak and its volcanic crater. Readiness to design special trek & hiking tours on unusual routes of Damavand (16 ridges), camping on the summit 5610 (Damavand volcanic crater), and Damavand circle tour at the 3000-meter line, 4000 m, and walking around Damavand at an altitude of 5000 meters, are among these attractive tours. Route and trail map for hike, trek and climb to highest peak of Iran. After 9 days of memorable and pleasant mountaineering, we will finish the Damavand Trek and Alamkuh Climbing tour.

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Iran now, iran reports 18,408 new coronavirus patients ... It's the symbol of strength and freedom, Mt Damavand Trekking Tours where goodness overcome evil. For example, in the epic book of Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Zahak, an evil figure in Persian mythology, was imprisoned in this mountain. So why not climb a cool mountain? After breakfast at a shelter we will take our small backpacks and climb up till 4800-5000 m. Sometimes you are able to ski in Alam Kuh Mountain till June, depending on the snowfall during the year. Alam Kuh is situated in the Caspian Sea region. Alam Kouh, a fascinating high mountains in Takht-e Soleyman zone, and the charming Mt Dena are among the famous Iranian trekking trails. The most popular Damavand hiking tour, which let all mountaineers not only climb to the top of Damavand mountain, but also get unforgettable cultural experience exploring Tehran - Iranian capital. If you have any thoughts relating to where and how to use Mount Damavand Travel Agency, you can contact us at our own webpage. Altitude sickness kicked in again around 4.900 m, but I was so excited to be higher than Mont Blanc that I persevered, increasing my breathing rhythm and boosting myself all the way to the top. This time, I'm the one who was experiencing some altitude sickness.

Damavand mountain in spring. Iran - Iran travel, Beautiful ... The Classic "Damavand trip", one of our most sought-after tours, is designed for people who want to conveniently as well as efficiently hike Damavand, the highest peak in the Middle East. In the afternoon we climbed Sarbaz Peak (3.755 m). Since then William and I had picked up mountaineering in the Alps and had climbed a few 4.000s successfully. Even for local climbers its not a popular route for mountaineering. At 53, I had no idea whether I would make it to such an altitude and I didn't want to hold up other climbers. Contact us if you want to add more days to your Damavand trip. So this is why I chose to pay a little more and have some more freedom. To climb Damavand you don't have to be experienced alpinist. Some of the climbers and Sky Runners climb the summit from the asphalt road (2450 m) only on one day. Climb and trek up Doberar peak, Changizchal peak and the might Mount Damavand and enjoy skiing along the way to mountain villages and white landscapes all around. Also, the first documented ascent of the Iranians to this peak dates back to 1857, the height of which is set at 6613 m.

Mount Damavand 2021 Tourist Attraction in Damavand, Iran ... Also, it is 500 km from Tehran city. Mount Tochal, with a height of 3960 meters, is in fact part of Tehran city. Moreover, I wanted to share this moment with my son and be able to communicate with him, stop to look at the scenery and take my time to take pictures which was also an important part of this project. Damavand is located in the central part of the Alborz Mountain Range. In the Central Alborz Mountain there are a number of mountainous regions where you can do ski touring in Iran. Your mountain guide will help you to make the best decision on the first night in the camp. If you stay at a hotel in downtown Tehran, nearby attractions like The National Jewelry Treasury, Ebrat Museum, Glassware and Ceramics Museum of Iran can be your first stop. Its one of the nearest mountain region outside of Tehran (50 km from downtown). One of the most popular ski touring adventures which has attracted many ski enthusiasts is for Mount Damavand (5,610m), the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East. The Mount Damavand Ski Touring in Asia's highest volcano mountain tour is a one-week trip that Adventure Iran conducts in the spring.

Lake at Mount Kisco, New York (1924) Climbing Mount Damavand - Iran's highest mountain. However, there are also a lot of other mountain regions that you can do Ski Touring in Iran, and it is not strenuous compared with difficult summits that we explained earlier. There is still a need for professional gear. Considering that we need good acclimatization in the coming days to Damavand Trek, we will hike slowly. First they need to reach small villages like Polour, Raineh (today it's town), Gazaneh (or Gazna) and Nandel (in north route). From the end of July to the first of October, Damavand enjoys a relatively stable weather and less snow, and the glacier zones get more stable. During spring, from April to the end of May, Damavand Mountain has a very stormy weather with snowfall, which is very dangerous for climbing. In spring, this mountain is covered by small yellow flowers, it's why it is called Golezard that means yellow flowers. It's also about the local life. The Eco Camp mission is to provide professional climbing services for the Damavand tours climbers while minimizing the human impact on the environment, to guarantee a safe, joyful and successful ascend to the beautiful Mt. Damavand summit.

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier (1844)

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Damavand & AlamKuh Besteigung - ALLVENTURE TRAVEL AGENCY ... Damavand Tehran. Trekking and Climbing Tours, Popular Mountains Iran, Guided Ski Mountaineering, Tehran Mt. Damavand Tour Operator Skitouring Iran Ski Resorts. The best starting point for trekking Damavand Mountain is Camp 1 Polour. Camp 1 Polour Resort in Polour Village as the first camp and the best starting point and Camp 3 Bargah New Hut as the high camp. Then we'll head back to the village. The south trail has excellent mountain resorts at Polour Village 2200 masl. The high camp (or the third camp) of Mt Damavand on the south trail is called Bargah Sevom. Having a high snowfall starting from November till June in the towering mountains on the one hand, and having 150 mountains above 4,000 m on the other, makes Iran an ideal destination for Ski Touring. You need a high skilled experienced guide. Experienced mountain guide for Iran climbing tour. The price of Damawand climbing permit is 50 USD per person. The cost of a climbing permit (in 2016) is 50 USD per person or (equivalent in Euros or Iranian currency). You will have time for acclimatization and preparing yourself for the strenuous journey ahead of you until you arrive at the top of the Iranian plateau and the Middle East.

Fichier:Damavand (5671) from polur in winter - panoramio.jpg - Wikipédia That is 4700 meters from c2 to c3 in about 4 hours on the first trekking day and 3300 meters from c3 to the top in about 6 hours on the summit day. It is ephemeral stay on top. We then fly to Tehran for an overnight stay. Listings on a similar topic are grouped into categories which can then include smaller categories. Then descend to Lar National Park. If you want to spend a fun vacation with your family, locals recommend visiting National Botanical Garden, Khalij Fars Lake, Mount Damavand. Damavand has sixteen known climbing routes with different difficulties. In general terms Mount Damavand has different Climates and seasons for hiking & trekking, climbing and ski touring. Damavand Trekking Tour. Persia cultural and historical tours. One of my best trip is trekking Damavand, Alamkouh & Sabalan, three highest summits with tour operator Iranexploration. Guided tour to Mount Sabalan, Mount Tochal, Mt Alamkouh, Mt Alvand, Mnt Dena, Mnt Oshteran, Mnt Shirkoh, Mt. Taftan. Iran mountain tour organizer to Mount Alamkoh Takht-e Fereydoun, Mt Sabalan Ardabil and Mnt Tochal. Mount Damavand Trip from Tehran - Book Online.

Damavand Trekking Tour - Hipersia - [Updated: Feb, 2022] Ski Adventure Tours to Mount Damavand for foreign climbers. Although, Alamkouh trekking season starts from the middle of May to the middle of November, its accessible in the wintertime for ski tours or winter climbing. The experience of trekking to this summit is very rewarding. The entire team of Alibaba do a very bad thing if you experience them, what is that ? That's why joining the experienced leaders of our Damavand tours ensures a more secure and professional mountaineering experience. Damavand Climbing Permit fee is 50 US Dollar and is paid to IRAN Mountaineering and Climbing Federation. Visit also Damavand Climbing Permit FAQ. There are at least 16 known climbing routes to Mount Damawand summit. Four of these routes are popular because they have a shelter, refuge or a suitable campsite midway. There are two safe havens and some tenting and camping places on this campsite at 4200 meters above the sea level. We move towards the city of Kelardasht through the mountainous and winding road of Chalous, one of the most beautiful and famous roads in Iran, which reaches the Caspian Sea. A popular hotel in Tehran, Parsian Enghelab Hotel Tehran is also one of the highest rated.

Best Mt Damavand Climbing Tour (4Days) Transfer from the hotel to IKA airport for your flight back. You won't be arrested as a hostage at airport! The Caspian Sea is -26 m below the sea level and Iran's share of rainy and forested beaches is about 750 km, which extends from northwest to northeast. And the sea and from the south to the low mountains and the desert. This mountain hut is the best place for accommodation and acclimatization in the area and the best starting point for climbing either from the south face or the west route of the mountain. It is the summer starting point of the south face. Goosfand Sara is not a suitable place for camping and tenting in summer and the crowded climbing season because it is too crowded, very noisy and too dirty. The second camp (or the base camp) of Mount Damawand is called Goosfand Sara (also called the Mosque). For more info about Mount Damavand Iran Travel look into our own site. Also a newly constructed midway campsite called Bargah Sevom New Hut at 4250 masl. The Old Shelter, 4220 masl, is the oldest refuge and the New Hut, 4250 masl, is the newest mountain resort in the area.

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Climb Damavand Mount Tour - Damavand Trek with the Professionals Altitude sickness, losing path caused by an unexpected storm, fog and strong wind, extra cold weather, snow, land, rock and mudslide, lack of equipment and to insist on climbing Damavand summit during height-related symptoms are common hazards that every climber has to be ready to deal with. • Porter and mule to carry extra gears. • It is better to apply ASAP to be registered in any group tour. Sunscreen cream SPF 40 or better. Hat, warm pile/wool hat (better to cover ears), balaclava, baseball cap, Mount Damavand Iran Trekking & Climbing Tours scarf. The insurance should cover also helicopter flight that could occured in Mt. Damavand expedition. Damavand Climbing Tour A trek to Iran's highest peak. They had climbed the popular Tochal Peak (3.964 m) and the quite unknown Ghezghoonchal Peak (3.780 m) in 2007 and my son William, only 9 years old at the time, had quite enjoyed it. We enjoyed meeting you, Hazal and your adorable baby son! Outdoor tourism. Eco tourism natural attractions. Mt Damavand, ecosystem , Travel Agency Iran Damavand Mountain cultural and natural attractions of Iran tours. Then we will return to the capital where we say goodbye, and take you to your airport or your accommodation/hotel in Tehran (if you have more stay in Iran).

جزیره زیبای کیش، استان هرمزگان Depending to the weather on the summit day, you can decide which equipments you need to take with you and which unnecessary gears to leave behind at camp3 Bargah Sevom. It is highly recommended to take 1.5 liters of water with you. Food and mineral water are sold. The transport to/from the mountain was excellent, we got to shop for the food we wanted to eat on the mountain, and all sorts of detours were factored in to let us buy honey/visit the local villages/etc. William got a minor headache due to the altitude but the oxygen tank at the hotel 'clinic' took care of that quickly ! This legendary mountain with an altitude of over 5,600 meters and higher than the Everest Base Camp, with the scenery of the largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea in the north, and the central desert of Iran in the south, located in 70 kilometers northeast of Iran's capital, Tehran. They deposit sulfur over the whole area, changing its color. Damawand image is one of the most respectable icons in Iran, the same as the Fujiyama image in Japan, it appearing on Iranian money 10,000 Rls (1,000 Tomans) notes, on bottles of mineral spring waters and many commercial items.

maartent tent camping camping green field If you are also curious to learn more about reasons to have a Damavand trekking tour package as an Iran exploration holiday, which is one of the most popular Iran tour items as well, features of a quality Damavand tour, don't miss reading this article to the end. Mount Damavand is one of the most iconic places in Iran. Travel guide iran. Damavand guestbook, damavand, damavand volcano, mount damawand iran, damavand iran mythology, sulphuric smoke, climb damavand, climbing tour, fuji mountaineers, damavand guide, fuji hike, expedition outdoor, tours skitouring. Damwand height is 5,671 m (18,605 ft) and Fuji San is just 3,776 m (12,389 ft). Mount Damavand is an excellent symmetrical cone shaped volcano like Mount Fuji in Japan. But in reality it is a magnificent dormant volcano that emits powerful sulphuric smoke (since 2007), strong enough to kill unlucky stray animals. The mentioned itineraries in this category is good for those who have enough acclimatization and not recommended for those who intend to arrive to Tehran on the starting day from a place white low altitude and sea level.

Mount Vesuvius (1887) Timing, starting day, starting point and itinerary is not flexible. This is the land only itinerary; please make your own way to the tour starting point. • Transfer from a certain starting point in Tehran to Camp 1 and back to the same place. • Participants must be fit enough for such a shared tour. Good weather. You must be well-supported. Have a good pace to follow the team while trekking. We may consider link exchange with good quality websites. The trekking tours run from late May to the end of November. Not to mention the summit success at the end. Damavand Peak is also the highest volcanic summit in Asia. Climb to the summit of Damavand. In the other hand, to climb Damavand summit, from normal routes, you need to start from around 3000 m and climb about 2600 meters. I have done few climb in the world. We have 4 days Damavand tour named "Classic Damavand Tour". Generally Damavand Climbing Season is from mid June to mid September. We will drive to Polour village (it takes 2,5 - 3 hours) where we will obtain our climbing permits and change car to 4x4s. From the village we will drive to campsite located at 3050 meters (Gosfand Sara Camp).

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Mt Damavand 1st Campsite Polur

Mount Damavand 1st camp is called Polur. This mountain resort is 2200 masl and is the best starting point for hiking trekking, mountaineering and skitouring to Damavand Mountain from the south face or the west trail. Polur complex resort is a shortcut to the summit and is an ideal place for accommodation and acclimatization in the area. Polour resort is made by Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (also called Mountain Climbing Federation of Iran) and it is administered by the same organization.

Mt Damavand 1st Campsite Polur
Mt Damavand 1st Campsite Polur

Mountain Climbing Federation of Iran campsites. Camp One Polour Hut. Damavand South Route, First Camp, Polour Resort, Hiking Tour. Damavand South Route Campsites - Camp 1 Polour Resort for Hiking &amp. Damavand first campsite. Trekking tours to Alborz and Zagros Mountains. Experienced Iran mountain guides. Iran sightseeing ecosystem and outdoor tourism activities and tour organizer. Visit also Damavand Forecast. Damavand trekking, climbing and ski touring. Climbing and Ski Adventure Tours. Digital photography Tehran, picture album, photo gallery, video clips. Damavand Photo.GoogleEarth route and trail map and satellite image.

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Mount Damavand Location

Damavand Mountain is situated 80 Km driving distances northeast of Tehran. It is located in the central part of the Alborz Mountains on the southern seashore of the Caspian Sea in the district of Mazandaran. Damavand is almost midway the Haraz Road between the capital city Tehran and Amol city in the northern Iran. The coordinates and the GPS landmark of Damavand Summit:
Latitude 35-57-19 N
Longitude 52-06-37 E

Mt Damavand Map
Mt Damavand Map
Source of information for ascending Damawand and Iran mountains. Damavand south route GPS landmarks and waypoints.  Ski expedition tour to Iranski resorts in Alborz Mountains. Useful link Damavand Forecast. Trekking, climbing, ski and snowboard tours. Mountaineering & handheld gps receivers. Demawand South face GPS tracks and satelite image. Adventure hiking holiday wallpaper and image. High quality wallpaper Iran skitouring. Damavend Map. Low budget tour to demawand iran.  Persian cultural tour video.

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